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Vendor relations

Thank you for contacting stc Procurement. Here at stc, we consider our suppliers as partners in our aim to provide unique services and products to meet the demands of our stakeholders and their business needs.

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We encourage all prospective suppliers to visit to complete their registration.

To ensure successful onboarding, the following most recent documents are required:
  • a) Completion of Prospective Supplier Registration
  • b) Commercial registration license
  • c) Company Profile
  • d) Authorized Signatory(most recent)
  • e) Financial Statement (Optional)
  • f) MOF Tax Letter
*MoF tax letter required for tax release purposes (withholding 5%)

Registering with stc as a prospective vendor is absolutely free.

Once a prospective supplier is approved, only registered vendors will be invited to participate in tenders based on services matching supplier profile for stc Kuwait and solutions by stc.

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers are recommended. However, if you face login issues, clear cache and browsing history and open new session.

Should you run into any challenges, please feel free to contact our esteemed professionals via .

In order to provide thorough assistance, please reach out to , sharing details and screenshots, if available, and our professionals will get in touch with you for support.

We recommend suppliers to use a valid business email address that is not unique to one personnel as it will be your primary contact for communications from the portal and as your login. Example:

Suppliers are encouraged to disclose any interests or circumstances that either conflict or cause the appearance of a conflict with the best interests of stc, including personal, financial, or family relationships the supplier or its employees may have with any employee at stc. For more details, please refer to .

Yes, please to guide you with the registration process.

stc has a standard payment process aligned with the organization’s governance. For more details, refer to the

Once the name of the Company has been officially changed, supplier must provide all the documents (latest commercial license, authorized signatory, company profile and other documents which confirm the name change) to and stc Procurement will update it on the system and confirm update to supplier.

Please email providing details of the issue along with screenshots, so that we can help you with the right support.

Changes can be made during an open bidding process. However, if bidding process expires, depending on situation, a procurement professional will open a new round and supplier will then be able to submit proposals.

All requests must come from the procurement department either in the form of a purchase order or a written order confirmation (e.g. LOI) as Procurement is the only channel of confirmation.

Bidding process is as the following:
  • 1. Bid submission
  • 2. Technical evaluation
  • 3. Commercial/Contractual negotiation
  • 4. Awarding

Valued participants will be able to have visibility on all tenders they have been invited to once they sign into the .

For the payment terms, please refer to the

We would like to emphasize the importance of submitting proposals through the portal in order to secure confidentiality. To support with the uploading process please reach out to the procurement professional at

Upon receipt of awarding email from Procurement, relevant contract (if needed) will be shared for counter-signature and will be followed by the Purchase Order.

Submission of invoices are to be made through the based on the type of project (Opex/Capex). Refer to the invoice Creation User that will guide you on how to navigate the portal.

Click on ‘reset password’ on and proceed.

While we encourage participation, we highly recommend that suppliers align with procurement professionals for any communication and should supplier require technical information, a procurement professional will arrange for it accordingly with the internal stakeholders.

Email us at: